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Diversity Action Plan

Our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion in the game.

We are proud to make a public commitment to the football community to the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the game of football through the launch our 1-year action plan. The plan sets out the actions and targets up to June 2023.

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Our work needs to start with our internal structures, ensuring we have the means necessary to serve the varied communities across our County. This includes looking at our recruitment practices, our internal knowledge, our awareness for barriers within the sport and the budget for extra resource all with the intention of making our workforce more representative.

As a board, we have set indicative targets for the representation across our staff workforce and across our board by June 2024.


40% Female 
10% from Diverse Communities 
5% U25 


33% Female
25% from Diverse Communities 
5% U25 (Board Observer)

So why is working with diverse communities so important to Berks & Bucks FA 

From a business perspective better Diversity within the organisation gives us more creative and innovative approaches to problems as diversity brings a varied approach to the same problems through lived experiences, different perspectives, and beliefs. It will assist us to make better decisions and more adaptable through a variety of experiences.

More representation will help us to serve our diverse communities better by having a better understanding of the challenges diverse populations may have leading to improved access to the game.Working with diverse communities is not just good for business, it is also the right thing to do as no-one should have to choose between participation and who they are and what they believe in. 

We are a sport that is FOR ALL. Our challenge is to provide more opportunities and awareness for diverse communities, creating an environment for anyone to get involved in our sport through positive experiences, the positive use of role models and through awareness & education across our club & volunteer network. 

At the same time, we have the opportunity and responsibility to change conversations, raise awareness, stand up and champion those things we believe in, and challenge things that are not good for our sport. 

This is not an easy piece of work and there are no immediate answers or solutions to the utopia of a game for everyone without any barriers to participation. Berks & Bucks see the value of changing attitudes and implementing our plans as we ultimately aim to connect more people with the game. 


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