Access to extra funding for Charter Standard Clubs

Clubs could receive £100 of Discount Football Kits vouchers

In a bid to help support Charter Standard clubs to progress quickly we have launched a new initiative aimed at helping clubs focus on improving their clubs whilst working towards gaining access to additionl funding. 

The aim of our new Charter Standard Action Plan is to help FA Charter Standard Clubs focus on specific opportunities to progress and improve their club over a short period of time, generally between 6 - 12 months.

The day-to-day running of a football club can be time comsuming so we hope this action plan will allow clubs to try out different ideas and, in doing so, accessing £100 Discount Football Kit vouchers as a thank you for continuing to support, grow and improve the quality of grassroots football.

The opportunties available within the Action Plan are varied; some may be new ideas that clubs would like to try whilst others could be ideas that your club might already be doing.

If your club would like to deliver an Action Plan, please contact our Football Development team, via the details below, who can discuss and support you though the process.

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