Ramadan & Football Factsheet 2018

'Ramadan Mubarak'

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan

'Ramadan Mubarak'

Each year during the month of Ramadan Muslims around the world fast during daylight hours.

The holy month of Ramadan in 2018 begins in the evening of Tuesday, 15 May and ends in the evening of Thursday, 14 June.

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar and is also known as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. 

Ramadan lasts for one lunar month which is a maximum of 29 or 30 days and its start and ending dates are determined by the sighting of the moon. This means it comes around 11 days earlier each year and so starts on a different date each year.

During daylight hours adult Muslims and those who have reached puberty are required to abstain from eating, drinking and smoking. The obligation of fasting does not apply to those who are physically and mentally unwell, travelling or pregnant.

To celebrate Ramadan, we've been working closely with Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust and mosques in High Wycombe to support an Inter-Mosque Football Tournament.

The 8-a-side round robin event is open to teams from six mosques in High Wycombe and will take place at night to allow players who are fasting to eat and drink following their matches and before dawn. 

The tournament will be played under floodlights at Adams Park, the home of Wycombe Wanderers, and will start at 11:30pm on Saturday 19th May, finishing at 2:00am (Sunday morning). A pre-dawn (Sehri) meal will also be provided at the event.

For more information about the tournament and to enter teams, please either download the event poster (available below) or contact Paul.Foley@wwfc.com at Wycombe Wanderers Sport and Education Trust or Simon.Wears@Berks-BucksFA.com, Football Development Manager at Berks & Bucks FA.

To find out more about Ramadan and Ramadan & Football, please take a look at the Factsheet provided below. 

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