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Enhancing Grassroots Football: The Culture Survey

Help us build a brighter, more inclusive, and vibrant future for football across Berks & Bucks.

How do we make grassroots football an enriching experience for all? 

The answer lies in understanding the collective beat of our community. The Culture Survey emerges as a tool to gauge this - to tap into the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of those who breathe life into the grassroots football.

As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion and creating safe, fun and welcoming spaces for all in football, we are pleased to introduce the BBFA Culture Survey, providing a new avenue for engagement for every player, coach, volunteer, match official and parent involved in the beautiful game across our region and providing a place to give feedback for improvement. 

The central purpose of the Culture Survey is to shape our ongoing efforts to support players and enrich their football journey. We recognise the importance of clubs in our local communities with many serving as vibrant hubs where relationships, growth, and passion displays. Collating insights from the Culture Survey will offer a holistic view of what works well and where there's room for growth. We also understand that each club's dynamics are unique. Therefore, the anonymised information collected will be shared directly with the individual clubs. This sharing of insights aims to empower clubs with the necessary tools to tailor their environments to best suit their members' needs.

The power of the Culture Survey lies in its ability to tap into the collective knowledge of our community. Coaches bring insights from the training ground, referees from the pitch, parents offer perspectives from the sidelines, volunteers contribute their dedicated efforts, and players voice their aspirations and concerns. 

Rest assured, the data collected will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. It will not be shared outside of the BBFA or the respective clubs. Your candid responses will be used solely to enhance the football experience within your local clubs and, by extension, the entire grassroots football landscape.

Complete the survey

The completion of this survey is not just a formality; it's a step towards building a better football future. Your feedback will shape the foundations of our grassroots clubs. The insights garnered will help us identify areas that need attention, enabling us to channel resources, guidance, and support where it's most impactful to drive positive changes that resonate at every level of the grassroots football pyramid.

Callum Salhotra, Community & Inclusion Manager for Berks & Bucks FA, said: "We believe that every voice in our football community holds immense value. The implementation of the Culture Survey aligns with our commitment to inclusivity and growth. 

"By understanding the unique experiences and aspirations of our members, we can sculpt a football environment that reflects unity, diversity, and progress. This survey isn't just data; it's a bridge connecting us all toward a stronger, more connected grassroots football landscape."

Complete the survey

The Culture Survey is part of the BBFA  pledge to elevate the grassroots experience. By completing it, you invest in a brighter, more inclusive, and vibrant future for football in Berks and Bucks.

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