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Marketing Support Pack

Getting started with marketing, communications and social media - guidance and resources for clubs & leagues.

Social media, websites, the world of digital communications can be a daunting place for many clubs and leagues, especially if you have no idea where to start. 

To help navigate the process, we've produced a marketing support pack to help clubs and leagues start thinking about what might work best for them.

The pack provides information on the basics from websites, content planning and social media through to marketing materials, and aims to help clubs and leagues start out on the right foot by bringing everything together in one easy to digest document.

At each step of the way we've tried to include examples, templates, tools and additional resources to help make things a little easier.

Importantly, the pack also includes FA best practice and guidance documents to help you stay safe online.

The pack includes:

Information on websites with FA Full-Time Integration
Content Planning
Content Ideas & Examples
Editable Social Media Templates
Content Scheduling Options
Volunteer Role Profiles
Promotion/marketing materials
FA Best Practice & Guidance

We know how hard our volunteers work, and this pack is designed to offer a helpful starting point.

Marketing Support Pack
Download the Marketing Support Pack

If you have any questions regarding the pack or the information included, please contact Steph Clark via email.

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