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What are Football Monitors?

Our team of Football Monitors visit clubs across the region, meeting coaches, players, parents and officials to discuss safeguarding.

Berks and Bucks FA are delighted that the popular football monitor team are back representing the County at youth games all across Berks, Bucks and South Oxfordshire. 

You could see Pete Nouch, Nick Aldren, Gary Reeves or Ron Bennett at one of your games between now and the end of the season. The team will be working with us again as we move forward into season 2022-23. This gives the County FA a chance to get to see many more clubs over the course of the season.

Please don’t worry if you are contacted by our Designated Safeguarding Officer Graham Fisher to make arrangements for one of the team to visit. This is a routine, supportive visit to give coaches, players, parents and officials a chance to see a County FA face and ask/answer any questions they may have. The monitor will ask questions around safeguarding policies and procedures whilst they are at the club.

If there is a game you are worried about for any reason and you feel the presence of a County FA football monitor may be helpful, please contact Graham via Safeguarding@Berks-BucksFA.com.

There is no guarantee that we could come due to the numbers in the team, but if we can assist, we absolutely will. Equally, if you are very proud of your matchday processes and procedures, let Graham know so that we can see examples of the many cases of good practice that take place every weekend.

In relation to any safeguarding or welfare issue, please never hesitate to contact us at the County FA.

Safeguarding in Berks & Bucks

We are always happy to support the great work done by the club and league welfare officers around our area. We are here to offer guidance, support, assistance or just someone to listen. 

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