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Thanking Key Workers in your Football Communities

Celebrate your members #TogetherWeAreFootball

Is a member of your club or league a key worker?

We are looking to thank key workers in the local footballing community through a photo montage to be shared on our social media channels on Thursday nights at 8pm when we join the nation to #ClapForKeyWorkers.

If you have key workers associated with your club or league and would like to thank and recognise them, please send in a photo of the individual (with their permission), their name, key worker job role and the name of the club/league they are associated with.

A key or essential worker might be (but not limited to) a member of the NHS, Police, Fire Service. They could be school teachers, delivery workers, supermarket staff, transport workers, postal service workers or any other role where people are still needed to keep the country working and together.

You can send us this information through private message on our social media accounts or, if you prefer, you can send us an email via

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