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New #BBFASupport programme for Club Volunteers

Berks & Bucks FA is launching a new support programme for grassroots volunteers, #BBFASupport, to help them understand and navigate The FA’s disciplinary and governance procedures.

One of the greatest challenges facing volunteers in grassroots football is the array of disciplinary and governance procedures The FA uses to ensure football remains a safe and enjoyable experience, and that all Clubs and Leagues compete on a fair and level playing field. 

While there has historically been a lot of formal support and professional development for coaches, referees and Welfare Officers, many club administrators said they would like to see more practical support for their roles. Berks & Bucks FA has taken this on board and is looking to cut through the “legalese” of The FA’s regulations and provide practical advice and support for our football workforce.  

#BBFASupport will see the launch of a monthly, online forum for club volunteers, held on the second Thursday of the month throughout the season and will combine practical guidance on managing a football Club with how-to demonstrations of the Whole Game System. Over the course of the season, Clubs will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of Berks & Bucks FA’s experienced staff discussing issues such as volunteer recruitment, The FA’s disciplinary procedures, financial planning and player registration.

#BBFASupport Sessions & Topics

 Date  Topic  Ideal for...
 8 August 2019  FA Rule changes and disciplinary procedures  Secretaries, Team managers
 12 September 2019  Sin Bins  Secretaries,  Team managers, Players, Referees
 10 October 2019  FA Misconduct Process  Secretaries, Team managers
 14 November 2019  Volunteer Recruitment  Secretaries and Chairs
 12 December 2019  Managing internal complaints  Secretaries, Chairs and Welfare Officers
 9 January 2020  FA and League Appeals Process   Secretaries
 13 February 2020  Player Recruitment and Transfers   Secretaries, Team Managers
 12 March 2020  Charter Standard and Annual Health Checks   Secretaries and Welfare Officers
 8 April 2020
 Internal Safeguarding best practice   Secretaries and Welfare Officers
 14 May 2020  Affiliation and Rule Changes 2020-2021   Secretaries
 11 June 2020  Financial Planning   Secretaries, Chairs and Treasurers

You can sign up to our online calendar of #BBFASupport sessions here. If you have any questions or would like any topics raised during these session you can Tweet us at any time using the hashtag #BBFASupport.

Reminders will be sent to Clubs each month highlighting the area of focus for that month’s session and which volunteers may find them of use. Recordings of the sessions will also be available for download from our website for anyone not able to attend the session itself.


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