The Grassroots Football Gamechangers

The Grassroots Football Gamechangers

Introducing 'The Grassroots Football Gamechangers' a new podcast from Berks & Bucks FA

Berks & Bucks FA (BBFA) have taken a significant step toward promoting inclusion in football with the launch of their innovative new podcast, The Grassroots Football Gamechangers.

This new series, by Community & Inclusion Manager, Callum Salhotra and BBFA Youth Network Chair, George Andrews, seeks to highlight the stories of individuals who have faced and overcome barriers in their football journeys.

By sharing these personal experiences, the podcast aims to inspire change and inspire a more inclusive environment within the sport.

At Berks & Bucks FA we strongly believe in the power of football, to connect people and change lives. However, the game is not immune to issues of discrimination, accessibility, and inclusivity. As we work to build a more inclusive game, this new podcast delves into these challenges, offering a platform for voices that are often underrepresented in our game. Each episode features in-depth interviews with guests who share their journeys, the obstacles they have encountered, and the solutions they have found to make football more inclusive.

The series covers a broad spectrum of topics related to inclusion in football. Episodes address issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia. By providing a platform for these discussions, the podcast encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences and consider ways in which they and we, collectively as a football community, can contribute to a more inclusive game for all.

The Grassroots Football Gamechangers also explores the proactive measures being taken to break down barriers in football. For example, highlighting the importance of grassroots initiatives, community programmes, and policy changes within football organisations. By showcasing these efforts, the podcast aims to demonstrate that change is possible and that there are many ways in which this can be supported. Whether it’s through supporting inclusion initiatives, challenging discriminatory behaviour, or simply being more aware of the challenges others face, we each have a responsibility and a part to play in creating a more inclusive football environment.

You can listen to the first five episodes on your favourite podcast platforms now - don't forget to subscribe and follow to be notified of new episodes as and when they are released.

The Grassroots Football Gamechangers is available to listen now on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Alternatively, visit The Grassroots Football Gamechangers podcast's official platform to listen now, wherever you are!

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