BAME Coach Support Event

Support for BAME Coaches

This season, BAME coaches from Slough & Wycombe have been on a journey to become qualified coaches in their local communities.

This season, BAME coaches from Slough & Wycombe have been working together with FA coach support mentors to support their journey in becoming qualified coaches in their local communities.

The programme began last summer and has seen various workshops delivered to offer each coach continued support with their journey’s. The group is made up of both male and female coaches with 95% of both groups from the South Asian community.

The programme was introduced and is led by FA Coach Diversity & Inclusion Mentor Aqeel Akram. “The programme is long term and not only is the vision on coaching qualifications and potential career opportunities, it is also about changing a culture, changing a mindset and giving opportunities to those that may not have one, creating future leaders, role models and beneficial to society.

"There is no limit on where we this is going and where these individuals can on their journey. Our job is to guide, assist, plant a seed and then nurture that seed into a fruitful tree”.

Aqeel is also supported by FA Coach Development Officer for Diversity & Inclusion Lawrence Lok. A coach development workshop was recently delivered by Lawrence & Aqeel in collaboration with Reading Community Trust at the Select Car Leasing Stadium facilities. The workshop was delivered with players from local club Procision and was a great platform for coaches to continue their development. After the workshop the coaches, players and parents all attended the high scoring fixture between Reading & Huddersfield. Special thanks to Procision and Reading Community Trust Manager Dave Evans.

The programme continues to go from strength to strength with the current cohorts in Slough & Wycombe expanding with the hope of also introducing new programmes in Chesham, Aylesbury & Maidenhead moving forward. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme or are interested in getting involved, you can contact both Aqeel & Lawrence below:

Email Aqeel Akram 
Email Lawrence Lok

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