Coin for Respect Competition

The FA & Nationwide 'Coin for Respect' competition

Design the coin that starts every game with Respect.

As proud partner of The FA's Respect programme, Nationwide Building Society are helping to promote mutual respect on and off the pitch.

At the start of every game of football from grassroots leagues to the professional game, the referee stands beside two opposing teams, flips a coin and by the luck of heads or tails one team gets to kick off the game. It’s been done this way for decades and will continue to be done this way for decades too. It’s a tradition steeped in history and respect. Respect for the referee, the teams playing and the spectators.

That’s why this coin deserves to be special. Nationwide want you to help them create the very first Mutual Respect Coin, to start every game with respect.

Respect is defined in the dictionary as a feeling of deep appreciation for someone or something brought on by their abilities, qualities, or achievements and consideration for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. But what does it mean to you?

The Competition

One side of the Mutual Respect Coin will hold the Nationwide Building Society and FA Respect logo. On the other side of the coin they'd like to feature one of your designs, showing what mutual respect means to you.

•  The winning design will be featured on the coin and used across the country.
•  The winner will also receive their produced coin which can be used at the start of games, and two tickets to an England game at Wembley Stadium connected by EE. Will it be the Lions or Lionesses - it will be totally up to you!
•  Shortlisted entrants will receive a tour, for themselves and a parent or guardian, of Wembley Stadium connected by EE.

How to Enter

This free-to-enter competition is open to children and young people, who are UK residents aged 3 to 17 years old. Enter from 7 April 2021. You will need a parent or guardian to help you submit your entry form if you’re under the age of 14.

•  Download the Coin For Respect template
•  Create your fantastic design around what respect means to you.
•  Submit your entry via email to Don’t forget to attach your design template with all your details set up.
•  Submit your entry by Sunday 20 June 2021.

View the full Terms & Conditions on the Nationwide website.

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