Referee Development Day

Referee Development Day 2016

A number of qualified Referees attended the Referee Development Day at Cox Green on Sunday 21st August.

Referee Tutors delivered 6 practical sessions, with a new Laws of the Game focus.

Sessions included: Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring opportunity, Match Control- Dealing with Injuries, Penalty Kick or Free kick, Handball Deliberate or not, Positioning and Movement in Open Play & Assistant Refereeing.

We were honoured to be joined by Chris Kavanagh, Select Group 2 Referee, who has officiated over 50 Football League Games, and aspires to be Refereeing on the Premiership. He added a great value to the day.

"1%, be 1% better in everything that you do, only you can control your training, your preparation, your attitude. There no point focusing on your competition and peers around you, there are out of your control. Be supportive, and grasp every opportunity, remember that 1% !"

We were also joined by Iain Williamson, recently retired Football League Referee, who finished his Refereeing Career at Wembley on the League Two Play-off Final with AFC Wimbledon securing a two nil win over Plymouth.

Over lunch attendees has the opportunity to ask questions to Chris & Iain on the day.

‘I began refereeing late in my football career, after a knee injury, which wouldn’t allow me to continue playing’. Iain made his debut onto the Football League in 2002, which highlights no matter what age, refereeing can be rewarding for all.

Matt Myers, a Level 6 Referee, shared his experiences on FA CORE, the National Development Programme for aspiring referees, following in the shoes of Iain and Chris. We also wished Tolga Inanc and Aaron Baker, best wishes on their FA CORE Day next Weekend.

On the day Fred Chapman Member or Berks & Bucks FA Youth Council attended the day, Fred previously played for  Aldershot Town and has a keen interest in  all areas of football. He has previously attended the JFL course and Disability Talent ID Day. On the day Fred, participated in the practical sessions and also captured videos and interview Referees.

If you are interest in becoming a Referee please register your interest here

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