EURO 2022

Play Football

Play Football

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Youth Football

Wildcats & SQUAD

Weetabix Wildcats is for girls aged 5-11who want to get involved with football for the very first time or want the opportunity to play with other girls their own age. Weetabix Wildcats across England, give girls the opportunity to play football in a fun and friendly environment which provides the perfect setting for them to stay active, build confidence and meet new friends.

SQUAD provides girls aged 12-14 with a fun, relevant and engaging recreational offer that allows them to develop themselves as much as their football skills in a safe, inclusive environment. The programme has been specifically designed to give autonomy, choice and voice to the girls who are involved in the sessions.


School Club Links 

The School-Club Link will look to formalise relationships between a local School and Club, to work together for the benefit of Female Football in your local area. The idea is that by formalising a relationship in the heart of local communities, there will be continued opportunities for girls to transition from playing football in a school environment to sustaining this participation in a local club and providing potential opportunities to play fixtures against other teams in the area. This link will hopefully provide mutual benefits for both the School and Club, with the potential sharing of facilities, knowledge and volunteer workforce amongst others. 


MK Girls Introductory Festivals

Working in conjunction with the Bucks Girls League, we are delighted to relaunch this opportunity for young girls to play non-competitive, friendly, games in Milton Keynes (Fairfields Sports Hub). With the UEFA Women's EUROSs coming to MK in July, we are committed to ensuring there are opportunities for girls across Milton Keynes to take part in Football and play locally against other teams, with as small a travel demand as possible, and hope these festivals will encourage the development of teams across the area that can form a competition to serve Milton Keynes and the local area.


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