BBFA Discipline & Safeguarding Reporting

Discipline & Safeguarding Reporting

Discipline, Discrimination & Safeguarding reporting figures from July 2022 - Mar 2023

We are pleased to present the second edition of our quarterly Discipline and Safeguarding infographics highlighting work being done to track and tackle poor behaviour in the grassroots game. 

The latest statistics provide an update on the number of disciplinary incidents, discrimination reports and safeguarding referrals for the period of July 2022 until 31 March 2023. Over this period, approximately 35,000 grassroots matches have been completed in Berks & Bucks. 

The statistics provide some interesting insights into these three key responsibilities of the County FA in ensuring the effective governance of the game, including:

Serious offences towards match officials, including threatening language, physical contact or assault, have reduced significantly compared to the 2021/22 season;

Comments relating to sexuality and/or gender identity have replaced race, colour, ethnicity or nationality as the primary category of discriminatory abuse;

Approximately one quarter of accusations of discrimination in youth football relate to comments made by adult spectators or officials;

Over three quarters of welfare complaints in youth football relate to the behaviour of coaches and/or parents

For more information about tackling misconduct and discrimination in grassroots football, please contact Alastair Kay, Head of Governance, via email

For any queries regarding Safeguarding please contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Graham Fisher. Alternatively, please visit our dedicated Discipline and Safeguarding pages.

Click on the images below to view the full reports.

22-23 Q3 Discipline infographic season 22-23 Q3 Discrimination infographic season 22-23 Q3 Safeguarding infographic season

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