FleXIs Returns to Reading

Join the popular 11v11 Flexi Football League!

It's back! We're excited to announce that the Reading FleXIs League is returning, with the new season set to kick-off in January 2021.

Flexi-Football leagues are ideal for those who want a “quick fix” of 11v11 football with 50 minute matches, rolling subs and shorter league seasons providing all the fun of the traditional game without the commitment of an 8 month season with each mini season lasting approx 3 months.

The aim of the leagues is to give players  (16+) the chance to continue playing the game regularly, whilst taking into consideration busy commitments that can make training mid-week and playing weekend mornings and afternoons difficult to maintain.

Reading FleXIs League

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Who Is FleXI-Football designed For?

-  All ages from 16+ 
-  Teams that have folded but are looking to re-establish themselves
-  Local companies (football fix straight after work)
-  Teams struggling to play weekend football
-  Coaches and parents of junior football teams
-  Individuals who can no longer play weekend football due to work/family commitments

For more information about FleXIs Leagues, or Flexi Football in general, please click here.

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