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Sin Bins Introduced

Temporary dismissals (Sin Bins) are coming into the game from 2019/20


Temporary dismissals for Dissent cautions are coming into the game from season 2019-20 for all affiliated football and will replace the existing fine attached to this type of offence.

The FA’s pilot scheme for this initiative which has run over the last two seasons in approximately 135,000 matches identified the average Dissent caution to be 0.46 per game. For season 2016/17 there was 73,500 cautions for Dissent alone. On average an admin fee of £10 per caution, financially challenges players and clubs.

A behavioural matter as opposed to a football matter, the aim of the match day sanction of a temporary dismissal, or ‘Sin Bin’ as it is more commonly known, is to improve both the behaviour of individual players and to enhance the overall match day experience for all involved.

With the official introduction of this process, The FA has committed that the £10 admin fee for a Dissent caution will be removed and instead, replaced with the player being required to serve a Sin Bin during the match as an ‘immediate punishment'.

All cautions for Dissent must be dealt with by the Sin Bin process. The Sin Bin is a 10 minute time out for all 90 minute games, and 8 minutes for all games less than 90 minutes.

An overview guide of Dissent with other Cautionable offences

It’s important to highlight that if something that is said that is insulting, abusive or offensive; whilst it is still classed as Dissent, it can also be deemed a red card offence.

What is Dissent?

‘Dissent’ is a challenge to the referees authority, whether this be using inappropriate language and/or gestures or other verbal offences.

Sarcastic clapping or comment of a referee’s decision and throwing the ball down after a decision are examples of dissent by action or comment.


What happens now?

With the launch of this new initiative, we are in the process of undergoing training all of our affiliated leagues within Berks & Bucks FA. The attendance by club managers and secretaries will be key to the success and understanding of this process as we move forward to next season. 

We began educating our referees last season, with visits to every local Referee Association where we provided an overview of the process. Further training and development opportunities for referees are ongoing and will be provided in time for the start of the season.

This is a real great opportunity to challenge dissent and attitude towards match officials. The key for this to successfully implementing this process will be consistency.


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