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We Only Do Positive

The aim of this campaign is to make sure that children playing football in Berks and Bucks are safe and having fun. This is challenged when poor behaviour, often from adults, casts a shadow over the experience.

We want to support clubs in encouraging positivity from everyone involved in the game. It is a well-known fact that over 90% of children react better to positivity. We want to support club officials, coaches, and players as well as parents and spectators.

The principles of the campaign are simple:

1. Make the team ambition to be the most respectful team. Make sure at a young age there are opportunities for all. Allow young people to make mistakes. After all that, try to win the game
2. Adults should lead by example. Be prepared to make mistakes, and when you do, accept responsibility and don’t be blame others. Do not disrespect the referee.
3. Build the confidence of the young people. We are developing people, not just footballers. 
4. Make sure the team around you are positive – parents, helpers, assistants
5. Show the children that anything is possible

The Respect Programme details and resources can be found by following the below link:
Download Respect Resources

The campaign gives access to the policies, guides, posters available from the Respect Programme and will include a weekend where we try to get the message to every youth game across the two counties and see if we can eliminate poor behaviour entirely for just one weekend!

It would also be great if club officials, coaches, parents and spectators involved in grassroots football could make a ‘Pledge of Positivity’ as a sign of their commitment to using their influence to make matchdays a more positive environment.
Make your pledge

Our designated safeguarding officer Graham Fisher will also be running online, interactive training sessions available for everyone at any of the clubs who have signed up to take part.

The sessions and the first time/date planned are listed below:

Session name: Early intervention and challenging difficult behaviour
Suggested attendees: Coaches and Welfare Officers
Session date/time: Wednesday 23rd February at 6pm

Session name: How to deal with complaints around discrimination
Suggested attendees: Coaches
Session date/time: Tuesday 1st March at 6pm

Session name: What children want
Suggested attendees:  Parents
Session date/time:  Thursday 10th March at 6pm

Session name:  What is Respect?
Suggested attendees:  Players and Parents
Session date/time: Monday 14th March at 6pm

Get involved and help to ensure that children in our game are safe and happy.


Who's Signed Up Already?

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