The Development Group

The aim of the Development Group is to encourage and motivate an invited group of referees from within Berks and Bucks with the potential to reach the higher levels of refereeing. Not only do we want to produce better referees but we also want them to be decent people as well.

The Development Group will consist of Level 4, 5 & 6 referees identified by Berks and Bucks FA, who referee on Saturdays and midweek. They must have the aspirations to obtain promotion to higher levels. Potential candidates will be interviewed. Each member is allocated a senior mentor/coach to help them progress to higher levels.

Being part of the Development Group will provide many exciting opportunities to assist and enhance your development as a referee.

All members of the Berks & Bucks Development group will:

  • Be allocated an experienced and personal coach that will be a regular point of contact to aid development.
  • Participate in enhanced practical training opportunities
  • An opportunity to learn from colleagues with similar goals and objectives within their refereeing.
  • Provided guidance on fitness and nutritional aspects.
  • In return, a level of commitment is expected from all Development Group Members.

The criteria to be part of the Development Group are:

  • A current Promotion Candidate and registered Referee of Berks & Bucks FA.
  • Commit and attend the Development Group Meetings.
  • Regular contact with Coach (to be agreed with coach).
  • All fixtures to be notified to relevant personnel.
  • Self-Evaluations (games as agreed with coach).
  • Regular communication with assessment co-ordinators and Development Group.
  • Strive to achieve the promotion criteria.
  • High levels of professionalism in regard to Social Media.

The Berks & Bucks Development Group will feed directly into The FA’s National Development Groups and Regional Development Groups to assist in your quest for promotion and up and coming future as a Referee.