Referee Support

Berks & Bucks FA offer a range of support for referees

Referee Mentoring

Over the last few years, we have built the foundations of a Mentor Scheme to help the new referee and those in the Promotion Scheme. It is important that all newly qualified referees have someone with whom they can talk things through. Whether the referee has concern over a point of Law, or in dealing with a difficult player, or more often, unfortunately, a difficult parent, there is a colleague at the other end of the telephone to assist. This will help us keep more referees and provide a better service for the game.

The Mentors need only give a small amount of time to each referee, but are able to help a tremendous amount. There are now nearly 100 Referee Mentors in Berks and Bucks so we should see a great improvement in retention which is a must if we are to provide the service our clubs need and deserve.

Our county mentor coordinator is always looking for new mentors, especially younger referees who can often provide a role model figure to newly qualified referees. To find out more or register your interest in attending a New Mentor Workshop please contact our Referee Development Officer, Lisa Benn or call 01235 558455 ext. 215 or 07825 437727

Referee Assessors

Assessors play a vital role in the development of officials at all levels. They are in effect the custodians of the Laws of the Game, ensuring they are applied to a high standard. Assessments play an increasingly greater part in the promotion and development of official’s right throughout the game.

How do I become an assessor?
You do not have to have officiated at the top level to become an assessor. Experienced officials from Level 6 can make a difference to the development and progression of referees at all levels by becoming an FA Registered Assessor. You will be involved in assessing referees appropriate to your level of experience. You can also still be an active referee and assess for the County when available.

Do I get paid for this role?
Assessors at County level currently receive £30 inclusive of expenses for each assessment they complete.

What development opportunities are available for assessors?
County assessors are required to attend an annual refresher workshop each season to discuss key issues. Assessments are also subject to quality control with appropriate feedback provided to the assessor on a regular basis.

What is the first step in getting qualified?
You need to take an assessors course that are held on a regular basis at County FA’s across the area. For details of the next courses available please contact our Referee Development Officer, Lisa Benn or call 01235 558455 ext. 215 or 07825 437727