Squad Girls Football

Squad Girls Football (12-14)

What's great about SQUAD Girls'?

There are so many amazing things that make SQUAD Girls awesome! If we had to choose our top four favourite things, these would be them:

1. Develop Skills

SQUAD Girls’ Football sessions are designed to help participants improve their ability across many aspects of the game. From dribbling, tackling and passing, to communication, confidence and leadership.

2. Fun, Safe & Inclusive

Any girl aged 12-14 is welcome to join their local SQUAD Girls’ Football session and enjoy football in a friendly and welcoming environment.

3. Get Active & Build Confidence

SQUAD Girls’ Football is a great way for 12-14-year-old girls to stay healthy, be active, make friends and build confidence.

4. Keep it Casual

A totally casual and flexible football option, you can join as few or as many SQUAD Girls’ Football sessions as you like – perfect for those wanting to just give football a go.


Offering a fun, non-competitive way to play football locally for 12-14-year-olds, Squad Girls’ Football caters to all, whether you’re completely new to the sport, are looking to transition from Weetabix Wildcats, or simply want to give it a go!

Squad Girls Football