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Online Support Hub launched for Volunteers

We have launched a new online tool to help support volunteers in grassroots football manage their Clubs and Leagues.

Berks & Bucks FA has launched a new online tool to help support volunteers in grassroots football manage their Clubs and Leagues by providing an online library of solutions to frequently asked questions.

The Support Hub will provide volunteers with resources and articles to help them with the day-to-day management of their organisation, ranging from funding opportunities and financial management to disciplinary procedures and League governance. The platform will also integrate with The FA’s Grassroots Technology Helpdesk to provide solutions to frequently asked questions about The FA’s technology platforms such as Full Time, Matchday and the Club & Competitions Portals.

The new Support Hub function is an extension of the platform already in use to answer customer emails, meaning that volunteers can access the Support Hub dashboard via the email 'ticket' link included in our email replies to queries. It can also be accessed via our website by using the in-page 'Need help?' button which appears in the bottom lefthand side of the home page or via deicated Support Hub links in the header and footer across the website.
Access the Support Hub Dashboard

The benefit of the platform is that volunteers are now able to search keywords or common questions via the Support Hub Dashboard and be presented with a list of related solutions/articles to help resolve issues indepentandly whilst also housing a record of their previous email queries. Volunteers will also be able to raise/submit new email tickets if they still require additional support all in one place.

Support Hub

Steph Clark, Football Communications Officer at Berks & Bucks FA said “The new Support Hub adds another element to our ongoing customer support work. We recognise that a lot of our volunteers fit their football around other commitments so sending an email or calling the County FA office may not always be practical. A growing number of younger volunteers also prefer to seek out solutions for themselves and we hope that the new Support Hub will give them the necessary tools to do this.”

The Support Hub is a 'living' resource, with new articles/solutions to common queries added on a regular basis to reflect key issues in the game and areas requiring additional support.
Access the Support Hub Dashboard

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