A youth team come together in a team huddle with their hands in the middle placed one of top of the other. The image is taken from ground level looking up at the hands in the centre of the image.

Serving our communities

We need your help to paint a picture of football in our region

At Berks & Bucks FA we believe in the power of football to help change people’s lives for the better.

As an organisation we’re committed to helping bring the power of our game to as many people across our region as possible – but we need your help to achieve it.

Greater understanding of the communities we serve, and the people within them, plays a vital role in how we plan, create and develop new opportunities for people to participate in the game we all love.

Learning more about the people in our region will allow us to better meet the needs of individuals who wish to take part. 

Whether that be playing, volunteering, officiating, coaching or other, we want to make sure we are always working towards creating the right opportunities in the right areas, to better serve the needs of our wider community, providing safe, fun and inclusive environments for all, both now, and in future.

To do this, we need to know more about you.

How can you help?

We need as many members as possible in our region with FAN accounts (players, coaches, referees, club officials, parents/guardians, volunteers etc) to update/complete their individual FA account profiles online. 

1. Visit myaccount.thefa.com
2. Log in to your account
3. Open the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ tab
4. Complete the questions
5. Click ‘Save’

That’s it. For every individual who completes this process, the picture of how football looks in our region right now, becomes a little clearer.

No matter how long you’ve been involved in the game, your support will help make that picture even brighter, helping us to see not just what our game looks like right now, but what it could look in future for the thousands of people across our region who aren’t currently involved.

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