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Abingdon Disability Football Project

Four local clubs join forces to provide more opportunities for disabled people to play football in Abingdon.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Abingdon Disability Football Project in partnership with Abingdon United, Abingdon Youth, Kennington Athletic FC, and St Edmunds FC.

On Sunday 30th April a Disability Football Taster Event will be taking place at Abingdon United Football Club (11:00 – 13:00), aimed at encouraging more children (aged 5 and over) and adults to take part in football. The event will consist of fun coaching sessions for all players, Q&A session with the local clubs and much more!

The Abingdon Disability Football Project aims to promote disability football, increase levels of provision, and re-engage individuals that may have previously been involved in disability football. Following on from the taster event, the four clubs will be hoping to put on regular sessions, creating a full pathway for disability football (both recreational and competitive) in Abingdon.

Not sure what to expect on the day? Take a look around the venue with Jon & Rod. 

Alex Pratt, Secretary at St Edmunds FC, said: “As the current provider of disability football in Abingdon, we have seen first-hand the benefit and reward of providing opportunities for disabled players. Unfortunately, we don't have the current capacity to deliver across all age groups, and therefore linking up with other clubs locally, allows the opportunity to expand reach, and provide opportunities for all in the local area, regardless of age.”

Stacey Hamer, Secretary at Abingdon Youth, said: “We are excited to be involved in the Abingdon Disability Football project. When the idea was first raised, we jumped at the chance to be involved! We already offer full male & female pathways, so this is the final piece that we have been looking to add to our club. It is a great opportunity for the clubs in Abingdon to work together to make a real difference to disability football in the area!”

Dom Howson, Secretary at Kennington Athletic FC, said: “Here at Kennington we believe football is for everyone. We have a long history of successful adult and youth football teams, with thousands of local players playing in the yellow and green over the last 50 years. We want to grow our club and make football accessible for everyone in the communities around us and we are delighted to be part of this disability football project in Abingdon.”

Chris Cole, Secretary at Abingdon United, said: “As a community focused club, we at Abingdon United believe that football should be available for all. We are looking forward to working with the other football clubs, to be able to offer everybody access to football. It is very exciting to have four local football clubs getting together to develop what we are sure will be a superbly successful project providing access to football for disabled players, of all ages and whatever ability. We are very proud to host the taster event and are sure it will be a fantastic day for all involved.” 

Unfortunately, this event isn’t suitable for blind players and wheelchair users. However, there are Blind Football and Powerchair Football opportunities in the local area. For more information about the Taster Event and Disability Football, please contact Rod Noble (Football Development Officer) via email

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