Youth Activation Plan 2022

Giving young people a voice: our plan for 2023/24

Ensuring young people play a part in key decision-making for football across Berks & Bucks

Berks & Bucks FA are proud to launch this year's Youth Activation Plan.

The plan ensures that young people have a voice in key decisions in football which make a positive difference across Berks & Bucks.

Each season, BBFA ensures that various projects and programmes are delivered to engage and promote opportunities for young people however as successful as many of these have been, there is till more to do impact this pivotal demographic. This is why the Youth Activation Plan is being created and forms a key part of our plans this year and within our strategy long-term. 

The Youth Activation Plan will aim to:

• Increase engagement with young people (Under 18)
• Connect & inspire young people both involved in and outside of football, to follow a lifelong journey in football and to make a difference. 
• Ensuring safe and enjoyable environment for all young people
• Projects & Work Programmes shaped by youth voice
• Young people involved in our Networks and empowered to support BBFA in decision making

View the Youth Activation plan
Interested in becoming a member of the BBFA Youth Network?

The BBFA Youth Network is a collective of passionate and enthusiastic young people who want to make a difference to youth football across Berks & Bucks.

Within Berks & Bucks we have over 3,300 youth teams that exist to provide footballing opportunities for young people. Over recent years we have witnessed young people taking on more responsibility within the game and becoming involved in areas such as refereeing, coaching, volunteering and marketing.

Our Youth Network provides a platform for those young people to share their ideas, gain experience and work with other like-minded young people with the support of the BBFA to plan and deliver projects. 
If you are aged between 14-24 and want to find out more, please email Richard Brant via