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WhatsApp News Service

Receive the latest news direct to your device.

Receive the latest news as and when it happens with our new WhatsApp news service.

Following member feedback, we are introducing a business WhatsApp service to provide members with the latest news and updates from across the organisation, direct to the palm of their hand.

One of the questions in our annual communications survey, sent out in December each year, was whether people would be interested in receiving news and general updates from Berks & Bucks FA via WhatsApp if the service were available.

In the last survey (2021), 69% of people that completed the survey (260) indicted 'Yes' or 'Maybe' that they would. 

Listening to this feedback, we're introducing this service on trial for the 2022/23 season. Individuals that subscribe to the free service will be sent a link to all news items posted via the news section of our website as and when they are published.

How to sign up

To sign up to receive news articles via WhatsApp make sure you save the following number as a contact in your phone 07917526707 (it is important to save the number as a contact otherwise your device will not receive messages).

Once you've saved the above number as a contact, just drop us a message on WhatsApp with the word 'Subscribe' in it - simple!

If at any point you'd like to stop receiving updates via WhatsApp, simply send us a message with the word 'STOP' in it at any time.


As we trial the service throughout the season we would like to make clear that, unfortunately, we will not be able to use WhatsApp to support members with general football/governance enquiries and that this service will be for the sole purpose of releasing news updates.

Therefore all queries/issues relating to football matters should continue to be directed to the relevant team/department via email.


Will my phone number be shared?

No. We'll be using broadcast lists to send information. Broadcast lists allow one message to be communicated to lots of people individually at the same time whilst keeping conversation/numbers private.