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Moving forward

We're changing the way decisions are made

Members of Berks & Bucks FA Council met in November and voted, by a large majority, to disband the Berks & Bucks FA Council in favour of a new working group network. This was then ratified through the adoption of the new articles at the recent AGM in December, these have since been filed at Companies House in compliance with Company Law requirements.  

The Berks & Bucks FA Council, was originally established to administer and govern football across the County, making decisions for the game at a time where the services of the Association were delivered by volunteers. In 2000 Berks & Bucks FA became a Company limited by guarantee, the organisation grew, investment increased, and services were, over time, brought “in-house” into paid positions. 
The new Working Group Network, to be launched in February 2022, will be headed up by a brand new “Grassroots Football Board (GFB)” reporting to the main board of the Association.  The GFB will be made up of the Chairs from each of the Networks. We will be actively encouraging volunteers from all backgrounds and communities to support the Association’s ambition to be “Diverse in thought, voice and action.”   

The Network will bring together a diversity of voice representing a plethora of roles across football. We aim to ensure that our decision making represents the views of those currently involved in the game and representing groups that are not currently active in the game.  More information on the networks, the purpose and the opportunities will be available shortly

Liz Verrall, Chief Executive at Berks & Bucks FA commented on the opportunities of the new Network: “If we keep bringing the same people together, we are limited in our view and our ability to succeed. Everyone’s view is of equal importance and a diversity of view challenges our approach, challenges our thinking, brings us closer to the football community and ultimately improves our ability, and football’s confidence, in our decision making.” 

David Grainge, Chair of the Berks & Bucks FA, also commented on the new network; “In a society where change accelerates at an alarming rate there is a need for effective governance that meets the modern challenges of our great game of Association Football. Football and those involved in it should not be frightened or afraid to embrace any changes.”

Liz Verrall wanted to express her thanks and admiration for all those that have been involved in Council over the years; “The Council have devoted a tremendous amount of time to local football. The accumulative years of dedication and contribution to local football is hard to imagine. The Council have put their faith in a new beginning, a new structure to take Berks & Bucks FA to the next level, recognising that the time is right to encourage a variety of voices to speak up for football’s future.”

It is our intention to recognise the service of all volunteers, past and present, through a digital and physical "Roll of Service" and Alumni, to keep everyone informed of the development and to update all on the new network and the activities of the Association.