Is your team at risk of folding?

New 'Early Warning System' to help identify and support struggling clubs

Early Warning System: Support available for struggling clubs

Berks & Bucks FA is committed to supporting all 11-a-side teams within our sanctioned leagues and the Early Warning System (EWS) is a tool which will allow us to do this more effectively.

Often, those best placed to detect the warning signs are the leagues in which the teams play, and the sooner they make us aware of these, the more chance we have of supporting clubs who are at risk of folding. With that in mind, Berks & Bucks FA will be introducing the Early Warning System (EWS) to all adult male leagues across the county.

The EWS is a support tool designed to highlight any teams displaying the initial signs of potentially folding. This will then allow us to provide the necessary support at the earliest possible opportunity.

Some of the warning signs that might indicate that a team is struggling and at risk of folding include:

Repeated cancellation of fixtures
Lack of contact/response with the league/CFA
Excessive number of administration fines
Poor disciplinary record
Poor organisation on match days
Loss of a playing venue
Resignation/retirement of key volunteers
Large numbers of registered players but struggling to field teams
Regular, significant defeats

The EWS will be sent out via Microsoft Forms for completion on a regular basis. It is vital that league committees take time to consult with relevant members and complete the form with the information requested. Regular communication between the Leagues and Berks & Bucks FA is essential in maintaining the health and growth of all club and leagues.

For more information about the Early Warning System or to find out more about the support available for leagues and clubs in Berks & Bucks, please contact, Football Development Officer, Rod Noble.

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