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Proposed changes to Council

Proposed changes to the structure of the Berks & Bucks FA Council

In a bid to work closer with our leagues and clubs, Berks & Bucks FA is making fundamental changes to the structure of the Berks & Bucks FA Council.
The aim of the changes, which have been agreed by our Council, is to ensure that we work closer with those who deliver football, that we make it easier to communicate and to receive feedback and most importantly, that we have more representation when making decisions on behalf of football in the County.

The Changes 

Each Sanctioned league will be encouraged to elect a representative for Berks & Bucks FA Council to ensure those involved in the game are instrumental to the decision making processes led by the County FA.

Four Geographical areas will be introduced to encourage debate and partnership working between the leagues in the area. 

New positions will be introduced to Council to encourage representation from Young People & Education 

Liz Verrall CEO said: “Over the years, the Berks & Bucks FA Council has become disconnected from the modern game. As resources have increased in the office, the role of Council has become less relevant to today’s football structures.
“Our existing Council members still play a valuable part in football with the knowledge and experience they bring to the game we are however mindful that as a membership organisation it is essential that we encourage a VOICE from leagues and clubs and we develop a ‘You Said, We Did’ culture in order for us to lead, protect and support football together.

“Over the past 3 months, the Chairman and I have attended multiple league management meetings to share the idea and to gauge support. In the main, leagues have been supportive of the changes that were being suggested and we are thankful for their feedback.”

What happens Next?

As we get closer to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), we will be seeking support from the member clubs and leagues to approve the changes to the Articles of Association which will make these changes a reality.

All Berks & Bucks FA member clubs and leagues will shortly receive a proxy form accompanied by the Articles of Association changes. We would be grateful if you could return your proxy forms indicating if you are for or against the changes proposed.

If you have any questions in relation to the changes, please email Info@Berks-BucksFA.com