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Berks & Bucks FA are seeking individuals to become Council Members

Berks & Bucks FA are seeking individuals to become Council Members and be involved in shaping the future of football across the County. We welcome and encourage nominations from people of all backgrounds.

We are looking for individuals to represent the following areas:

Division 4 -  East Berks 
Division 6 – North & South Berks

What does a Council member do?

Council members are the face of Berks & Bucks FA. Divisional representatives, voted by member clubs and competitions in the area that they serve, have a role to protect the interests of local football and to promote the services on offer from Berks & Bucks FA.

Council members will be expected to attend various meetings and events and to be the local contact for football. 

What is the time commitment? 

Council members will be expected to attend Council meetings (4 per year) attend County Cup finals (minimum of 2 per year) and to be part of standing committees where local football and proposals are discussed. We also get requests from member clubs to attend various functions and present awards. 

Divisional representatives serve for a period of 3 years but are eligible for re-election after this time and are eligible to claim expenses for work carried out on behalf of the County.

What do I need to do to be nominated? 

In order to be nominated, you will need to complete the nomination form and to gain the support of 2 member clubs or organisations within the division you are to serve.  You must also reside within the boundaries of the county. 

What are the timescales?

Nominations open – 1st May 2018
Deadline for nominations – 20th May 2018

If nominations exceed the number of vacancies, clubs and competitions within that division will be asked to vote for their representative. Elections will be ratified by Council at the next available Council meeting following the vote. 

Our Aspiration. 

As an organisation, our aspiration is to be representative of the communities involved in football across our County. We welcome nominations from all sections of the Community. 

For more information, please contact Liz Verrall, Berks & Bucks FA Chief Executive, on the details provided below.

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