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A FRESH Approach to Customer Service at Berks and Bucks FA

Berks & Bucks FA have teamed up with Freshdesk to provide a new customer service system

Berks & Bucks FA have teamed up with Freshdesk to provide a new customer service system to deal with your online queries quickly and efficiently.

We want to avoid the frustration you experience when you send an email only to find the person is on holiday or out of the office for a few days and you need to resend your email somewhere else.

We have introduced a number of generic email addresses that will send your initial query to a central point and will be redirected to the most appropriate member of staff to deal with the query based on key words and/or the group you send it to. – General enquiries that you are unsure where to send to. – Have you got a safeguarding question, a concern involving young people, a question about a DBS check? – Any queries relating to discipline. – Need help on a new player registration, looking to get your club or league involved in player registrations on the Whole Game System, please get in touch? – Your first port of call to football development for general enquiries. – To access our ever growing education programme offering coaching courses and referee courses, please get in touch. – Any support you need in advertising for players, coaches and tournaments. – If you are looking for advice and support on County Cups, league rules and/or sanctioning of competitions and summer tournaments. – For your questions relating to all things refereeing in the county, from Referee Registration and promotions to a question on the Laws of The Game. – For specific questions relating to the Charter Standard programme, either as a league or a club. – For all of your questions relating to affiliation of new clubs and teams.

We are keen to get your feedback as this new system is embedded into our working practices; please send any feedback to