League Player Registration WGS

As part of the on-going development of WGS, Player Registration functionality is to be piloted in July 2016 for the grassroots game. The new...
For league officers to decide if they want to participate in the league registration pilot it is important they understand how it will work.

Prior to the League Registration process starting, the league will be provided with functionality to set up their various registration requirements e.g. whether players need to have a photograph, or whether there are a maximum or minimum number of registered players per team.

It is important to note that clubs do not need to provide the evidence (e.g. copies of birth certificates), but the secretary will have to make a declaration that they have seen evidence of the player’s age themselves and leagues can mark that an “offline check” has been made.

The clubs within the league will need to manage and update their “club players” and organise them into teams. Once a club is ready to submit players for registration, they will be able to do so by selecting the team. The league will receive the registration and the league will have visibility of photographs if applicable to their registration requirements including disciplinary sanctions against the players FAN.

The league at this point can confirm, reject with a reason or set the registration to pending if they need more information. Leagues will be able to download a list of registrations as they increase. Payments for registrations will still take place as usual outside of WGS along with League ID cards.

It is expected that 30 – 40 leagues will take place in the pilot programme across the Country. If interested in the pilot scheme or for more information leagues should contact: Alastair.Kay@berks-bucksfa.com

Application should be submitted by 17:00 on Thursday 28th April. If selected to take part in the pilot programme leagues will be provided with further information on how the process will work.

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