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3G Football Turf Pitches

Certified facilities on the FA’s 3G Pitch Register

Is your 3G Pitch certified?

Since 2014/15 3G Football Turf Pitches have been allowed to be used for affiliated match play in grassroots competitions, providing the pitch has been certified on the FA’s 3G Pitch Register.

The Register ensures that pitches have been installed and constructed to meet the minimum performance standards, and that they are properly maintained to sustain this standard.

Please see the below link to view all pitches that appear on the 3G register.

Certified 3G Pitch Register 

Clubs have long since utilised artificial pitches for training, however the availability of 3G pitches for matchplay provides a number of benefits. The majority of pitches now being developed enable all formats to be played (e.g. 5 v 5, 7 v 7, 9 v 9 and 11 v 11) on the same pitch, with smaller formats being able to be played simultaneously. Furthermore it allows for games to be played throughout the day, without concerns about the pitch quality being affected.  

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