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A great way of accessing quality, meaningful learning is through The FA's suite of online courses.

Suitable for coaches of all levels, these specially designed courses are free to take and provide support for a range of learning topics, including counter-attacking, behavioural management, and working with goalkeepers.

These courses are hosted on The FA Learning platform and can be accessed via the links below, or through The Boot Room.

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The FA Playmaker

The FA Playmaker supported by BT: an introductory course for people over 14 new to support football activities.

This new, free, online entry-level football course includes information about equality, diversity, concussion and planning safe and inclusive football activities as well as an introductory safeguarding module called “Safeguarding For All".

The FA Safeguarding Children - Renewal

Individuals who’s FA Safeguarding qualification has expired, you are able to access the course for free by clicking here. 

This course is for learners whose FA Safeguarding Children Workshop or FA Safeguarding Children Re-Certification has expired (or is more than two-and-a-half years old).

The FA Safeguarding 'For All'

The FA Safeguarding 'For All' is an introductory safeguarding course identical to the module within The FA Playmaker that stands alone and can be taken by anyone over the age of 14.

This course examines what we mean by best practice, poor practice and abuse. Plus, you'll explore how you can help to create a safe environment and what to do if you have a concern.

The FA Concussion Guidelines

Learn how to recognise and manage a concussion from the time of injury through to a player's safe return to football.

By completing this short module you will earn the FA's Concussion Certificate and be able to download the full Concussion Guidelines.

The FA Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Unfortunately, a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone.

This learning is designed to help you to recognise an SCA and respond appropriately. From next year, the module will become a compulsory element of The FA’s ‘Introduction to First Aid in Football’ (iFAiF), but will remain accessible and relevant to all FAN users.


They are hosted on The FA's Learning Management System, which you can access by clicking here.

To access the course you will need to firstly select VIEW AWARD, followed by ACCESS AWARD.

You will then be prompted to provide your FAN and password. Once entered you will then be taken back to the course and you will be able to select LAUNCH COURSE.

These course have a credit value that will be added to your FAN record. To ensure your credit is added to your FAN you need to be logged in.

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You can also request a password reset via the link above.

If it's the first time the CPD has been completed the FAN will be updated overnight. If it is the second time, then please contact FA Education Services on 0800 0852012 or email education@thefa.com to ensure your FAN is updated with the latest course date.