Coaching Course Testimonies

Have you ever wondered about what our Coaching Courses look like? Take a look at what people who have been on a course have said below.

Coaches Feedback:  CPD, Level 1, Level 2, Block 1, Module 3

August 2016, Level 1, Redgrave Sports Centre
“Hi Barry/Danny, Held my first training session this evening since completing the level 1 with you guys.
Arrival activities and progressive Jail Break with 3 STEPS, all the guys engaged, and most stayed on for an extra 20 minutes... Thanks so much for all your input over the last three weeks, is definitely making a difference for me and Yateley United FC U10 Warriors. Regards, CHRIS CONQUEST”

September 2016, CPD, Prestwood FC
“Hi Danny, Just wanted to say thanks to yourself and Mark for the CPD session you delivered last night. Talking to the PCFC coaches and the messages I've had back, they all seemed to really enjoy it. I've had quite a few already asking when the next one is and what session it will be! I know a few of the coaches for the younger age groups want to get Mark in to run some sessions for their teams so we'll be in touch to sort something out. Cheers, Neil”

September 2016, Level 2, Block 1, Cox Green Leisure Centre
“Hi Danny, Thanks for the great tuition and effort you have put into the course. Cheers”. 

“Gentlemen, I just wanted to thank you both and Tom for delivering what for me has been a breath of fresh air. Since doing my Level 1 course back in 2014 with Tom I felt I had the tools to look after the then U7 age group. What I learnt then set the foundations of how I coach now. Level 1 worked and allowed me to deliver a more structured approach to coaching.
At Binfield we were running 4 teams with a Level 1 coach looking after each one. Over the years and we are now up to U10 things have changed quite some. To start I had a team of varying abilities but we managed to work together and they became a really good group of friends and players. Streaming then took place and I was left back at the starting grid with half a new team. We managed to progress to playing some good football. 
The next round of streaming happened at the start of U9 and it put 4 level 1 coaches involved in one team which had a squad of 9 players. Those 4 coaches would turn up on Saturday morning and be involved. Each had different approach. I had the role of Manager but at some point throughout the season the other 3 coaches decided that my style did not fit the Section A team and I was then squeezed out. I never put in place a philosophy.
I felt down at this point, but then I spoke to a parent and another coach (Nick Barton) and decided to enrol on the Level 2 course. From a perspective view this has been the best decision in my coaching life, so thank you for putting it all back in place and I have realised that my approach and interactions with the kids is the right way forward.
The course content and delivery of the practices has been intense but very rewarding and has been pitched at the right level. The level 2 group that I'm involved with has been great so many different characters its been great fun.
Thank you again and keep up the great work, Ade”

October 2016, Level 1, Woodford Park Leisure Centre
“Hi Danny, First off, can I just say thank you to both you and Lawrence for the way you've held the coaching sessions. It has been interesting and thought-provoking and at no time a chore - which to be fair I thought 27.5 hours might be.  Your enthusiasm was brilliant, and I loved that when you wanted to make one of your points to really make us think, you'd turn and tilt your head, fix us with one eye and just nod a bit.
I'm not sure I can come up with any significant points to improve. I would endorse the earlier course's point that grouping coaches of the same year group works really well.
The only thing I would raise is the different tutor set-ups each week. I appreciate that tutors have their own personal commitments and I may not be party to a structure that is for three the first week and then tapering it off. However some people may find it hard to adjust to different faces for their consistency of learning.  That's not a criticism of you or Lawrence and your delivery. It has been brilliant but it is little the only tiny straw I could grasp at since you were looking for points to consider rather than email just singing your praises.  All the best for the future and thanks for your time investing in us as a group. Regards, Jason Collie”

November 2016, M3, Woodpark Leisure Centre, Wokingham
“Hi Danny, Thank you for the email and the course delivery. I really enjoyed it -  the content and delivery from yourself and Mike was excellent. I will provide more feedback to you when I have a chance to sit down and reflect further. In the meantime if there is any specific feedback you have for me please drop me an email or give me a call.  Thanks again for your support. Speak with you soon, Robbie”

“Hi Daniel, thank you for the email and CCD contact info. I enjoyed the course and in particular the way it was delivered by both yourself and Michael. I thought the references to your won experiences in certain situations and also the feedback from other members was very helpful. Thank you for the help. Look forward to speaking to you soon.  Kind regards. Gino Venosi”

“Hi Guys, Really enjoyed the course last week and would recommend it to any fellow coaches. As requested, a bit of feedback from my perspective:
What went well.....
Thought you both created an environment that everyone felt comfortable in and felt able to contribute, which was down to your personalities and the way you bounced off one another. You also gave us a lot of ownership of the course and practical and classroom sessions.
Even better if......
The end of the final day, where we went through the portfolio work to be done felt a bit rushed. I think there were a few on my table that maybe were not 100% on what needed to be done and the associated process. Maybe could have groups plan their practicals at the end of day one, then go straight into practicals at the beginning of day two to free up more time.
Change for next time.....
Not really much here I can think off, only minor thing that comes to mind is that with session feedback if you guys think something could be improved, didn't go well ...etc don't be afraid to tell us.
Cheers, Simon”

“Hi Guys, Hope you have a good weekend after the course! Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent course, it was better than the one I did in 2012, the delivery was spot on! See you soon. Regards, Mark”

December 2016, Level 1, Sir Herbert Leon
"Hope you are well I wanted to say a a massive thank you again for all of your support, especially regarding the physical limitations because of my legs, I had on the course in December. Without the support of tutors such as yourself I would have probably given up. So thank you again for everything. Dawn"

February 2017, MKDDL Safeguarding Workshop
"The training delivered was absolutely FIRST CLASS! The subject matter is obviously crucial to anyone involved in working with young people, and the way it was delivered by Chris made it a thoroughly interesting and informative session. The structure of the course was brilliant and the way Chris managed to involve all attendees was very clever, using different techniques to get the various messages across. He made learning easy. It really was a brilliant course and I cannot recommend it highly enough for everyone. Well done and thank you to the local FA for their sponsorship. Frank" 

February 2017, Level 1, Milton Keynes
Hi Adam, just wanted to say thanks for these last few weeks and thanks for all the help. The course has really helped me develop into a better coach and have also made me feel more confident in my coaching and coaching others too. It has been a great experience that I won't forget and I will use everything learnt, and put it into my coaching into the future. Hope to see you on my level 2, not for a year or so yet though.

May 2017, Mentoring Adults, Flackwell Heath FC
“Great delivery during the course good post support on offer. Thank you!!”

“Really enjoyable, interactive and knowledgeable course. Would recommend to others. Inspirational!”

May 2017, Level 2 Block 2, Bracknell Leisure Centre
“Hi Barry, I'd like to thank you for a great course today! This is the first course where a tutor has actually made the effort to learn my name and have a little chat and I thought you, Mark and Tom were all very approachable. Tom”

May 2017, FALCC CPD Event, Windsor Youth FC
“Hi Danny, I just wanted to say that the CPD session you did on Monday with the kids on Defending out of possession (Pressing / Intercepting) was one of the best session I have seen run. The instructions you gave were clear, the boys knew what to do, you made it fun, when someone did do something negative your reaction made them know you weren’t happy without making that child feel embarrassed or singled out, a lot of the advice you told us coaches on how you would speak to the boys and then see how they would react paid off on most occasions…
Loved the challenge of being a man down, Champions league final, drive byes, group challenges, pair reflection. For me challenge setting and also helping the boys learn how to make better decisions is what it is all about. Keep in touch and let me know if you are running any other CPD or coaching workshops so that I can come watch and learn. Top job again Danny. Bjorn”

May 2017, Level 2 Block 2, Bracknell Leisure Centre, In-situ
“Hi Mark, Just wanted to say big thank you for coming down to Windsor to help me with my development. I value your feedback and I intend to work and improve on all the points you made. I have enjoyed coaching over the last few years and even more now that I feel I have learned so much from you and coaches. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in September for the block three. Best wishes, Ermir”

"Mark, Thank you very much for giving up your Friday evening to assess our training session. I've looked through your assessment and have added your notes to my own evaluation of the session.  It's great advice and such an effective way for me to learn. Shame that in-situ observations can't be a more regular feature throughout every year - maybe as part of our CPD. Nevertheless it's inspired me to get more involved with other coaches in our club and with a view to start sharing sessions and ideas. My block 3 is at Bracknell in September, so hopefully see you then. Regards, James”

July 2017, Junior Football Leaders Course
“Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thank you for the course today I really enjoyed it and found it informative and it has inspired me to use the knowledge I have learnt today to progress further and start coaching younger children and taking my referee course when I turn 14. Thanks, George”

September 2017, Level 2 Block 3, Bracknell Leisure Centre
“Dear Arun, I have just completed the final block of my level 2 course at Bracknell with Tom Hartley, Barry Fisher and Mark Rivers. The course tutors were amazing and made us all feel comfortable to have a go. They delivered the content in a way that made it enjoyable and fun. I learnt a great deal from them and the other coaches on the course; the change it has made to me personally and as a coach has transformed the way that I deliver my sessions, making them more enjoyable and match relevant. As a group we have shared good practice and made good friendships. I look forward to doing more courses if they are all delivered in this way. Kind regards, Helen”

"Hi Mark, Thank you for coming down to Windsor to visit us. It was good to see you again and thank you very much for the sign off, I really appreciate it. Besides that I just wanted to say a big thank you for supporting and helping me through (during the course & visits) my journey to become a better coach. I will work on all the action points you made as this helps my personal development and I’m sure they will help me with my coaching philosophy. Thank you again and I will keep in touch and maybe trouble you for advice in the future. Best wishes, Ermir”

September 2017, Level 2 Block 2, Sir Herbert Leon Academy
“Hi Mark, I was on the Level 2 block 2 course at the weekend at Sir Leon Herbert. First things first, I thought the course was excellent and the sessions with you and Stephen were great. We had had a chat about a training session that had not gone well the previous Thursday and I'd had some behaviour issues that I'd not managed well. Just wanted to say that tonight's session was the complete opposite - I used the Creative Attacking session as the main basis for the training night, which they really enjoyed, and used some of the techniques that you had gone through during our course whenever any behaviour things came up, which wasn't often tonight because they were really engaged. Now going to research and devise more game related sessions! And I also wanted to say I was really impressed with how you delivered the training at the weekend, really engaging and inspiring. All the best, David"

October 2017, Level 1, Wokingham & Emmbrook FC
“Hi Mark, Many thanks for the training course you did for us - it was amazing. All the little training sessions you have given to us are going to make such a MASSIVE difference to my girls and me at training, I can't thank you enough. Many thanks, Mark”

"Hi Mark, Thanks again for the L1 course, very useful and enjoyable. We put together our best training session yet yesterday  - nice arrival activity, flowing into a practice session - the one you showed us on the last Sunday with 3 teams of 4 attacking and defending, we adjusted a little for numbers and more age appropriate progressions – and then into a match where we could actually see small improvements already. Some great feedback from children and parents, so looking forward to more structured and effective sessions. Thanks again, and hopefully see you on a level 2 course one day! Tony”

November 2017, Level 1, Sir Herbert Leon Academy
"Thanks Barry. I really enjoyed the training. You've got a lovely manner and made some quite difficult stuff come to life. I am going to use my assistant more (if he turns up!) and give the dribbling square and passing square you coached a go. I run our grad scheme at work and shocked them all by asking how they felt our 1:1s had gone this morning. After the shock of being asked, the 'even better if' question worked tremendously and I've had more useful feedback than in a long time. Cheers, Jon"

November 2017, Level 2, In-situ Visit
“Hello Barry, really good bit of an enforcement of what you gave us last time. I can also see the effects that this is having on my kids and my kids parents. Last 5 or 6 weeks we have had some great little matches and nothing but fun. I give those little match briefings with the kids and the parents together, and the parents love being included and can see the little things that each kid is achieving. It has created a great atmosphere. Good course, can’t express enough what a difference it is making.
During our schools match tournament, I was asked to warm up our schools 10 year old team whilst the staff organised the running of the tournament. I used Tom's arrival activity that he gave us on the first Saturday morning. Now the whole of the school use it for all the teams and they think I am some sort of football guru and want more, so your responsibility has just grown somewhat.
Really happy with this course and the confidence that it is giving me. Thanks, Aubrey”

January 2018, Level 2, In-situ Visit
“Hello Mark, thanks for the visit last night and the feedback. None of it I disagree and just amazes me as longs as you have a theme you can adapt as you participate in the activity. Kids are great for not following a plan or being unpredictable so I continue to learn how to adapt. Like the feedback on the Part aspect and how to use this next time is something I will definitely introduce. I did feel like your feedback I was spending more time in certain activities directing rather than the learning with the boys.
What was good they came away enjoying the session and no point did I get a comment when can we play a match! Liked the way they worked in groups on tactics for the movement and when I broke for a drinks break the 30 second instruction to return to me worked well.
Overall for me it’s been really reinvigorating doing level 2 giving me so many ideas, support from you guys, the other coaches I meet. See you in March, Martin”