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Connecting people, changing lives.

The Berks & Bucks FA strategy for 2021-24 is called 'Connecting the Game'

Over the course of the strategy, our focus as an organisation is to inspire a lifelong relationship with football across the Berks & Bucks FA region.

Our purpose, and why we do what we do, is to connect people and to change lives

We truly believe that we can achieve change for the better and open opportunities for everyone to get involved and remain in the game by concentrating our efforts in these core work areas: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Communication and Customer Service.

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We know we have opportunities and responsibilities to use the power of football to engage, communicate important messages and to promote the wider benefits of football and the reasons to be involved. 

To hold us to account, to be transparent with our members and for us to communicate our direction and our reasoning, our six strategic priorities are outlined in the 'Connecting the Game' strategy.

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