Service to the Association

Service to the Association

In 2020, Berks & Bucks FA Council took the difficult decision to disband and put in place the Grassroots Football Board and the Working Groups to encourage more voices, interaction, and representation to support the organisation's decision-making processes.

Liz Verrall, Berks & Bucks FA, Chief Executive Officer, reflected on the work of our volunteers; "Berks & Bucks FA has changed significantly over the last few years and while these changes have been appropriate and necessary, we must not lose sight of the people that have been part of our history. The organisation owes a debt of gratitude to those that have given considerable time to the organisation over the years.

"I am a great believer that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with and this group of individuals have made an incredible contribution to grassroots football across the County and helped shape the organisation into what it is today."

Life Vice Presidents

Life Vice-Presidents are those individuals that have been recognised for exceptional duties to the County FA. 

They were traditionally nominated by the Council and/or Board and accepted via the Annual General Meeting. Today, nominations are open to individuals to become Life-Vice Presidents of the Association. For more information, please contact Chief Executive Officer, Liz Verrall.

David Dunford
Ken Walker
Kenny Nice
Mrs. N Twelvetrees
Neville Batt
Roger Gurnett

Our Life Members

Prior to our changes to articles, (which now allow individuals to be part of the decision-making processes for a maximum period of 9 years), the organisation honoured those that had volunteered for the organisation, traditionally on the Board or the Council, for 20 years.

These individuals have given an exceptional amount of time and experience to the Association and remain an important part of our history.

Bill Johnson (1986)
Brian Moore  (1987)
David Grainge (1987)
David Jeanes (1995)
David Piper  (1984)
Jim Atkins (1968)
Peter Hitt (2002)

Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors are those individuals who have served on Council or a working group for a minimum of 9 years. Our thanks to you all.
Bill Hing (2011)
Bill McKnight (2003)
David Griffiths (2003)
Gary Reeves (2012)
John Fenner (2008)
John Horsley (2008)
Mick McStraw (1995*)
Ron Bennett (2009)
Stephen Hailey (2005)