Lucy Holzman-Clarke

Player Profile- Lucy Holzman-Clarke

Lucy Holzman-Clarke currently players for Ascot United Ladies in the Southern Region Women's Football League. She has 11 goals from 11 starts so...

Where/Why did you start?         
"I began playing football with my Dad at a local park when I was six years old. As my passion for the sport grew, I decided to join a football team called Whitegrove Diamonds when I was nine. It was at Whitegrove that I discovered my love for playing football matches. After being committed to Whitegrove football club for three years and having learnt the skills and techniques of the game, I chose to join a club that I believed would be able to help me pursue my goals in terms of further developing my abilities as a player. I joined Ascot United when I was 12 years old, it was here that I started to understand the professional side of football and started to take the game more seriously, whilst still thoroughly enjoying it. Eight years later and I am still playing football for Ascot Ladies, this is due to the great relationship between the hard-working squad and the diligent coaches which I love."

Why would you encourage girls to take part?
"I would encourage girls of any age to join a football team. Football is not only a fun game, but it is also a great source of exercise whilst enabling girls to meet new people and gain more friends. Whether girls join for social reasons or to develop their skills, joining a football club is a great decision."

What do you want to achieve within the game in the future?
"In the future, I hope that Ascot Ladies go on to win the league and win as many trophies as possible whilst continuing to push each member of the team to achieve their own goals. I hope the club expands, attracting lots of new young players, as this will enable more girls to have somewhere to enjoy playing football. In terms of my personal achievements, for the last four seasons I have won the golden boot – an award given to the highest goal scorer. In the oncoming seasons, I aspire to remain a competitive player in hope of winning this award again."

What do you enjoy about the grassroots?
"Grassroots football is great as we focus on the fun side of the game whilst not taking it too seriously. We all work together and set targets for ourselves and are able to reach these targets as a team. In the past, I have played football for an Academy, although I much prefer playing for Ascot due to the sense of togetherness and the friendly environment, which promotes the aspect of enjoyment that I think is one of the most important parts of the game."

The Berks & Bucks FA would like to thank Lucy for her time and wish her and her team all the best for the remainder of the season.

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