The Berks and Bucks Football Association is the governing body of football in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire county. We are one of the largest county football associations in the country and oversee all aspects of the game in our territory.

We at the Berks & Bucks FA, are responsible for providing the structure and support that enables our players, coaches, volunteers and referees to develop. Our utmost priority is that every participant in our county is given the opportunity to develop, in a progressive and enjoyable environment.

In addition to our governance responsibilities, we concentrate heavily on the development of the local game and maintain a strong emphasis on the evolution of players, coaches, volunteers and referees. By promoting “Football for all” we encourage participation across all sections of society, regardless of age, ability, race, religion or socio-economic status.

By developing innovative programmes and cultivating opportunities in alignment with our governing body (The FA), we deliver the national game strategy in our county. We are also immensely proud of our thriving culture throughout grassroots football in Berks and Bucks.  

The Berks & Bucks FA is committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement and working towards higher standards of service delivery to support football in Berks and Bucks and ultimately provide a positive football experience to everyone.

In addition to developing, governing, promoting and protecting football in Berks & Bucks, the Berks & Bucks FA runs 18 County Cup competitions and 2 Boys Representative teams at Under 18 and Under 16.

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For more information about the work of the Berks & Bucks FA contact us on 01235 558450 or email