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The next few pages on this website should help Club and League Welfare Officers find some information that will assist them in carrying out their role.

As you should now know, every Youth Football League, every Youth Football Club and any Club that has players under the age of 18 or vulnerable adults, MUST have a qualified Welfare Officer in place. This means that they must be FA CRB cleared every 3 years and have attended both a Safeguarding Children and Welfare Officer Workshop.

Please think about this if you are giving up your role at the end of this season, as any new person will need time to meet the requirements and your Club will not be able to affiliate without them.

It is vital that a Club Welfare Officer has a place on the Management Committee of their Club and are involved in any decisions made with regard the Welfare of their players and the Club.

Likewise, the role of Welfare Officer can be very time consuming and sometimes emotionally challenging. It is strongly recommended that Clubs look to appoint more than one Welfare Officer, if they have more than six teams or at the very least, appoint Welfare Assistants.

For more information, please contact Beryl Richardson by email: Beryl.Richardson@berks-bucksfa.com