The Referees Association

As a registered Referee, we strongly urge you to join the local Society of the Referees' Association. If you are an active referee, then membership of the RA is vital if you wish to progress as a referee and to ensure that you realise your full potential. Where other than in the Referees' Association, can you get these benefits.

  • Membership of a strong national association through your local society
  • Monthly meetings in your locality for social and cultural activities
  • Comradeship and advice on refereeing matters from experienced colleagues
  • Assistance with your development as a referee
  • Representation of your interests at County and National levels with the full support from the RA should you be the victim of unfortunate circumstances or should you receive unjust treatment.
  • Guidance on matters affecting promotion.
  • Direct access to the best range of referee kit and equipment in the country
  • Personal accident insurance cover while on refereeing duties
  • Membership of the Benevolent Fund

With all these advantages, how can you afford not to be a member of the Referees' Association?
In Berks and Bucks there are 10 Local Societies, as well as a County-wide management committee. You will be welcome at any meeting of your local Society / Branch Association. For details of membership of the RA, or for any information on meetings, please visit the Berks and Bucks RA website by clicking here. To find contact details for your local branch.

For more information about The Referees Association please click HERE.