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What is Weetabix Wildcats?

Weetabix Wildcats is an offer for every girl aged 5-11, regardless of ability, disability, impairment or health condition, to try football for the first time in a fun, safe environment.

Sessions take place on a weekly basis, either evenings or at weekends, and are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun and be active through football.

All sessions are delivered by FA-qualified coaches, providing a safe place for girls to try football for the first time and develop key skills. 

Why have we created Weetabix Wildcats?

The Weetabix Wildcats Programme was introduced to address the findings that only 3% of all mini-soccer teams cater exclusively to girls and as such only 41% of girls (compared to 95% of boys) under the age of 10 regularly play football.

Therefore, we wanted to create a sustainable Weetabix Wildcats network where girls can regularly attend fun and engaging sessions.

Weetabix Wildcats

Join the pack!

With 59 Weetabix Wildcats centres now in operation across Berks & Bucks, we're confident you'll find a centre close to home.

The 59 centres run weekly sessions either midweek or weekends and offer girls a first opportunity to play football in a safe and fun environment. All centres have been provided with specialist training to ensure girls are supported across the board not only in terms of football, but also in their social skills and fundamental movements.

Every centre also has an FA qualified coach and relevant Safeguarding checks, as well as exit routes to local girls' grassroots clubs. The program is highly recommended for girls who have never played before or want to give sport a try for the first time. 


There are so many amazing things that make Weetabix Wildcats awesome! 

If we had to choose our top five favourite things, these would be them:

1. It boosts confidence
2. Gets girls active
3. They include everyone
4. Meet new friends
5. It’s super fun!

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Frequently asked questions about Wildcats

Yes, absolutely! When making contact with the centre let them know that she may be a little shy and they will make sure she is welcomed from the second she arrives. Most centres also offer a free trial session to make sure the girls feel comfortable before committing to coming back.

Any clothes that are comfortable for your child to wear will be suitable, as long as they can run around and have fun! We also recommend checking with the centre what surface the session is on and whether it’s indoors or outdoors so you can plan accordingly. 

The price of sessions varies and is dependent based on running costs. Most sessions are either free or charge £2-3 per session. 

No, they are simply weekly sessions to provide an opportunity for girls to learn and develop their skills. All centres have links with local grassroots clubs and also have the opportunity to take part in organised festivals with other centres to give the girls their first taste of competitive matches.

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