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Updated Guidelines for Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bins) ahead of the 2024/25 season
As part of the FA’s commitment to tackling poor behaviour in the game and create a positive football environment, the National FA have reviewed the Temporary Dismissal (Sin Bin) protocol.

The issue of a yellow card for dissent by word or action will still result in a sin bin, but ahead of the 2024/25 season, from Monday 1st July the following changes will be in place:
  • If a player serves their sin bin period and returns to the field of play and commits a second cautionable offence, they will be shown a second yellow card and be dismissed from the field of play. They will not be able to return to the field of play, and are not able to be substituted.

To clarify, for example if a player is shown a yellow card for dissent, returns to the sin bin and commits a reckless tackle or another act of dissent (punishable by a yellow card) then this player will be dismissed from the field of play and will not be able to return.

This is a significant change to last season and removes the need for the ‘Matrix sin bin protocol cards’ that have been previously used.

We hope this simplified process will aid referees’ ability to use the sin bin process to deal with dissent. A reminder that for all games at Step 5 of the football pyramid and below, sin bins must be used when cautioning on field players for dissent, regardless of time left in the game. Sin Bins will still but be used for dissent only, and no other offence.  

In addition to the domestic change, IFAB have also made a couple of amendments to the Laws of the game which must also be followed, and can be found, below.
IFAB Law Changes

If you have any questions, or would like more in depth updates, Berks & Bucks FA will be running an online Pre-season webinar to cover all 2024/25 IFAB law changes, explain the changes in deliberate heading in min-soccer, and clarify any questions you may have in regards to the change of Sin Bin process.

The session will take place on Monday 29th July, 7pm-8:30pm and you can book onto the Microsoft Teams Webinar, below.
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