All leagues and competitions must affiliate to their relevant county FA, this is to ensure that a high level of opportunity is being offered for people to take part in Football in a safe and enjoyable environment.

 The affiliation of a league also ensures that all clubs/teams that take part in that competition are covered by public liability insurance (as set out via the club affiliation package for Berks & Bucks FA)

To affilaite a competition you first need to contact the Berks & Bucks Football Association and request the paperwork required to run a competition. The Berks & Bucks FA will provide;

  • An affiliation form to affiliate the league (to allow you to approach teams to enter the league)
  • Form D (to affiliate participating teams)
  • A Copy of the FA‟s Laws of Small Sided Football (revised 2004)
  • Guidance to the organiser on the purchase of „Affiliation Slots‟ from the County FA
  • Guidance on the Discipline Processes that should be implemented in Small Sided Football
  • An example document of the Rules of the Competition that need to be in place in order for the competition to run smoothly and fairly.
  • An example of a Team Slip that should be completed by each team prior to the commencement of a game and then handed to the referee or organiser to ensure that some record is retained of the participating players. This information may be required in the event of any serious disciplinary incident taking place and should be retained by the organiser for a period of two months. It is not necessary for this information to be forwarded to the County FA.

League Affiliation is available on the Whole Game System.

If you have any questions regarding affiliation for leagues please contact .