Club Action Plan

What's your plan of action?

Open to all Charter Standard Clubs - with one of our a Club Action Plans you can complete a SWOT analysis of your club to help you see where you excel and where you can improve, we have some options you can select to develop over the next few months in return for Discount Football Kit vouchers.

What is it?

The FA’s Charter Standard intervention fund, has allowed us to trial some new initiatives to support clubs to develop. Very often clubs are consumed by running and administrating their clubs developing players, volunteers and improving their whole club becomes impossible.

Identifying the correct people to help do this is key, we have positively utilised our Charter Standard Club Action plans – which help a club focus on 3 areas of improvement over a 6 - 12 month period. In return for completing a 3 point action plan Clubs receive a £150 Discount Football Kit Voucher.   

You can view testimonies from the clubs who have utilised these, if you are interested please don’t hesitate to drop us an email

For those wishing to have a significant impact on their club, for facilities and a stronger presence in their community 3-5 year development plan templates are available should Clubs wish to update or complete one.

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FA Charter Standard Development Plans

As FA Charter Standard Development or Community Clubs why not take the opportunity to update your clubs’ three or five year development plans, review LFFP facilities plans being built in your area over the next 10 years, and structure your club to become a facility partner club, review how your club can provide full player pathways and represent your community better.

If you're interested in starting or updating an FA Club Development Plan contact Lisa Welling on the details provided on this page or download the free template/guide below.
Download an editable FA Club Development Plan