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Develop Your Club

Develop and support your football club

Running a football club can be a labour of love...

... quite often administration procedures take over, but if you would like to refocus on developing your club we have a couple of opportunities you might be interested in:

Club Action Plan

Open to all Charter Standard Clubs - with one of our a Club Action Plans you can complete a SWOT analysis of your club to help you see where you excel and where you can improve, we have some options you can select to develop over the next few months in return for Discount Football Kit vouchers.

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Adopt a Club 

Our Adopt a Club scheme is for any clubs who can see the potential of working more closely together with one or two other clubs, sharing resources, and improving the player pathway into Adult football within a local area. The clubs will remain separately affiliated, but sign a Service Level Agreement to support working on three areas together.

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Player of the Month 

Our player of the month scheme is a retention tool for older youth teams - U15, U16’s & U18’s to give recognition to those who are performing, and playing to their maximum potential, just let us know if you would like some certificates to give out.

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