Promoting your club and securing sponsorship is a great way of funding your club.

Finding and securing a local sponsor will be a huge victory for your club, but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are also ways clubs can attract volunteers and more spectators to the club. Please see the guide below in the documents section.

In difficult economic times it is even more challenging but not impossible. Grassroots football offers business and organisations with a unique opportunity to communicate with their customers and put something back in to the community.

Here are some tips on understanding how to approach businesses to get behind your club and, just as importantly, what you need to do to keep them in the long-term.

Top Tips

  • What do I have to sell? 
    A local company will want to know what’s in it for them and what they get in return.
  • Sales pitch:
    Write a presentation or proposal to take to local companies. You’ll need to tell them all about your club, your future plans and what they would get in return for their money.
  • Draw up a target list:
    This should list the companies you will ask for sponsorship. You should draw upon your members to help identify small to medium-sized local companies, or perhaps there are some in the local vicinity.
  • The fee: 
    What do you want to charge? This should be in proportion to what you have to sell, what you will use the money for and what the company can afford.
  • A contract:
    Finally, you’ll need to sign a contract giving both you and the sponsor comfort that you will both deliver on your promises.

    Who to Target?
    A company will usually get involved in a club for charitable reasons – to show they’re supportive of the local community – or to get a trading advantage.

    The company will be looking to associate themselves with a reputable club that offers a valuable service in the community. Using your Berks & Bucks County FA/FA links and showing your community profile will make your club an attractive proposition.

    Many businesses sponsoring football clubs will have a link to the club, such as the owner’s son or daughter playing for the team. Your members are a good first port of call for making contact with potential sponsors. Deals with sponsors are usually only one or two years long. It can take a while to get a sponsor signed up and good sponsors are hard to find, so it’s worthwhile working hard on keeping them. It’s much easier to keep a sponsor than find a new one!

    If you have any further questions please email: marketing@berks-bucksfa.com