Young Leaders

If you are aged between 14-24 and are involved or would like to get involved in volunteering within a football environment this could be Club, school, sports organisation, scouts then the information on this page of the website is here to help you.

You can sign up to be part of the FA’s young leadership programme Football Futures, which introduces 6 themes of volunteering.

We run Football Futures days at half terms, around the county, to give young leaders a taste of various opportunities that they could access, within a football club.

Please see the document (FA Football Futures - Info) where you can find out more information about the FA’s Football Future programme. 

A log book will be provided by Berks & Bucks FA, where you can log your hours and gain rewards:

  • 10 hours – FA Certificate
  • 25 hours – Nike Football
  • 50 hours - FF Polo shirt
  • 75 hours – Free B & B Workshop
  • 100 hours – Hoody
  • 150 hours - £50 Coach bursary
  • 200 hours – Community Shield Tickets

After attending a County Football Futures (FF) Day and logging hours, in your FF log book, 2 leaders will be selected to go to the Annual national Football Futures Camp at St. Georges Park. You can see what the experience entails, by reading about Natasha’s story HERE


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way for young people to develop skills, confidence and qualifications that can be utilised when moving into jobs, careers & university. It can enhance a CV, show a diverse variety of skills on University Personal Statements, help provide you with experiences, that will support you through interviews and a variety of social and formal interactions.


What you can do?

  • Assist Coaching
  • Referee Small-Sided Games
  • Assistant Referee
  • Write Match Reports
  • Update Websites
  • Offer to help Run a Tournament
  • Organise a Festival
  • Collate Kit Orders
  • Organise Match Day Refreshments 
  • Organise a Fund Raiser or Social Event

For a variety of ideas for leadership opportunities, that give you the right experience and qualifications, please refer to the document (FF Opportunities for Website) below.


How to get involved

Speak to the secretary or a manager at your local football club, if you can’t find the right contact then drop us an email.

If you do wish to volunteer, but want to know more, please see our document (FF Guidance for YL Final) below.

To help ensure you follow good practice guidelines. If you are going to have direct contact with children, we would recommend all young leaders - aged 14-16 - complete the online safeguarding course, it’s accessible via this link

If it is the first time you have accessed the FA’s website, you will need to click ‘don’t have an account’. This will allow you to create yourself an FA number (FAN number). This will be your unique identity and all Football related qualifications will show on this number.

If you are 17 + we advise that you book onto a 3 hour safeguarding workshop. You can find all our courses via the ‘courses – book online’ tab on the Berks & Bucks FA website. 

Please Note: This qualification should be renewed every 3 years.

If you are over 16 years, you will need a DBS check (this is a police check). This is essential for any adult working (coaching, officiating, assisting, welfare, first aider) with children.

To do this, you can go through your local football clubs Child Welfare Officer, who should be able to give you the information you require to start the process. They may well pay for your CRC (£10), or you can use the attached County FA’s CRC online systems, which is for young leaders and referees.