Welcome to the Berks & Bucks FA Council section of the website. Here you will find contact details for the Council, minutes from the Council meetings and also useful forms associated with being a Council member


The council is made up of a wealth of experience in grassroots football from across the County. The geographical area of Berks & Bucks FA is spread in to 7 areas with representatives from local football nominated and elected by our members. 

The Council is responsible for all football matters and is the ultimate decision making body within the County Association. All minutes and reports of the standing committees have to be sanctioned by the Council.

The Council meet 4 times a year including the AGM in June. To find out who your local represenatives are, please see below.

Division 1 - Aylesbury Vale

Ray Reading - ray-red-fball@uwclub.net
Michael McStraw - Michaelmcstraw1940@yahoo.com
Richard Lipscombe - Richard.Lipscombe@Berks-BucksFA.com

Division 2 - Mid Bucks

Trevor Saunders - trevor-saunders@hotmail.co.uk
Stephen Hailey - stephenhailey320@gmail.com
Ray Ansell - rayansell55@talktalk.net

Divison 3 - South Bucks

Bill Hing - williambillhings@hotmail.co.uk
Gary Reeves - reeves.celtic@btinternet.com

Division 4 - East Berks

Dave Griffiths - blue.cedars@btinternet.com
Ron Bennett - bennett.50norton@btinternet.com

Division 5 - Reading Borough

Kevin Parsons - kevinparsons413@btinternet.com

Division 6 - North & South Berks

Bill McKnight - faruphol@aol.com
Trevor Quenault - trevorquenault@btinternet.com
Ian Wood - ian.wood.1961@hotmail.co.uk 

Division 7 - Milton Keynes

John Fenner - john.fenner1@btinternet.com
Les Passey - passey6@sky.com
Nick Aldren - Nickaldren@aol.com