Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Berks & Bucks FA are proud to support Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Over the coming months, Berks & Bucks FA will support a number of Events and opportunities in aid of the local Air Ambulance.

This year is TVAA's 15th anniversary and over the past 15 years they have advanced pre-hospital trauma care to reach, treat and save more people.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance started as a part-time service and now fly 365 days a year, responding to over 15,500 missions so far. Your support means they can continue to advance their life saving work. They are currently training the trauma doctors of the future. Launching a Critical Response Vehicle alongside the helicopter and finally upgrading their helicopter this year, in order to launch night flying meaning their vital intervention will reach even more people.

On average 3 people every day, will find themselves in a life threatening situation - a situation that requires urgent high quality medical treatment at the scene before they reach hospital. With your help the Thames Valley Air Ambulance team, led by a highly qualified doctor, can be there within minutes ready to deliver the same level of care that would only otherwise be found in the hospital emergency department.

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance are a Charity and only exist through the generosity of the communities they serve. We rely entirely on fundraising and donations from the communities or Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. They work hard to maximise each and every donation so that they air ambulance service can reach  its mission - saving more lives. You can help the Air Ambulance to make this happen!

TVAA are continually enhancing  the level of medical care they provide - aiming to commence night flying next year - being available for longer and saving more lives.

To find out more about what the Thames Valley Air Ambulance do, click HERE.