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BBFA Youth Network

Giving young people a voice across Berks & Bucks

Introducing our BBFA Youth Network

"Giving young people a voice across Berks & Bucks"
The BBFA Youth Network is a collective of passionate and enthusiastic young people who want to make a difference to youth football across Berks & Bucks.

Within Berks & Bucks, we have over 2300 youth teams that exist to provide footballing opportunities for young people. Over recent years we have witnessed young people taking on more responsibility within the game and becoming involved in areas such as refereeing, coaching, volunteering and marketing.

The Youth Network provides a platform for those young people to share their ideas, gain experience and work with other like-minded young people with the support of the BBFA to plan and deliver projects.

Meet The Youth Network

Our Youth Network members all have valid FA DBS checks, and a wide variety of skills to support our young volunteers. Find out a little more about them, below:



George lives and breathes football, and plays a key role within the Youth Network as Chair, Mental Health and Wellbeing lead, and host of a new Berks and Bucks FA podcast coming soon, all motivated by the desire to develop the game positively. As a qualified coach, George has managed youth and adult teams, consistently achieving success in the face of adversity. He is currently manager of an U16 team in Oxfordshire, and has been with this team for a number of years. He is known for his tactical insight, his determination and effort, and is committed to player development and wellbeing, creating a special environment for players to flourish.

Hey my name is Chloe and I am the Vice-Chair for the Youth Network and the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead. This is my second season on the Network and I am particularly interested in breaking down barriers in football and creating a safe and welcoming space. I am a youth girls manager/coach and have been for 4 years. I also mentor young girls who aspire to get involved in coaching. 


Yohan is currently working as a Project Officer and Youth Advisor to the BBFA Board. Outside of football he works in mental health research and loves to be outdoors!



Amit is a keen Level 6 referee with experience working on new projects aiming to improve football for young people, having attended the 2023 FA Leadership Academy. Amit has a particular interest in supporting young referees, with that being the key focus of his projects this year. The thing that Amit loves about football is that every match comes with a different set of challenges to overcome, helping each individual develop not only in sport, but as a person.


Matty joined the Youth Network in September 2022. He has been playing football for his local teams for several years, and is passionate about tactics and working well in a team. 


Jack has been part of the Youth Network for 4 seasons in various roles, most recently as Vice-Chair and was part of the FA Regional Youth Network for 2 seasons. This season as Jack is over 24 years of age, he is a mentor to the current members of the Youth Network and new recruits. Jack is a Brentford fan who loves giving young people a voice within clubs and leagues to make it more what the people playing the sport and today’s generation want to see from there club going forward. Jack also plays disability football for Slough Town and love cricket playing for Boyne Hill and Berkshire Disability team. 

Get involved

Are you aged between 14-25 years of age? Do you love football?

Perhaps you've played the game regularly, coached at your local club or refereed in your spare time but want to do something more? Maybe you love football, aren't currently involved but want to get started?

Whatever your reason, and wherever you are on your football journey, we can help you take the next steps and support you on this adventure to become a future leader of the game; making decisions and shaping the direction of football in Berks & Bucks for generations to come.

Through a combination of young volunteer programmes, leadership opportunities, courses and funding we can help you develop and achieve your goals. 

Get in touch, to find out how you can get involved.